Fun Facts About US Legal System

Humor can come from anywhere. We have tried to gather humor from US legal system this time. Here are some of the few fun facts about US legal system. Hope you will love it.

Only one case out of seven burglaries is solved in US.

Thirteen percent of all US citizens have passed at least one night in jail.

The shoplifting ratio of women is higher than men.

Most of the cases in the US courts are automobile cases.

Every 30 second, a court case if filed in US.

In north California, you are not allowed to plow your field with an elephant.

It is necessary for every Kentucky citizen to take a bath. At least one must take a bath once a year or he can go to jail.

No store can sell a toothbrush on Sabbath in Rhode Island.

18th amendment could never be followed by two states, Connecticut and Rhode.

Shooting a rabbit from a moving trolley is banned in New York.

According to riverside California, a funny rules is found in the old books, and that is no two people can kiss unless they clean their lips with rose water.

In San Diego, Public schools have banned hypnotism.

No building in DC is allowed to be higher than 13 floor. The reason behind this is, that you can always see the monument of the former president Washington, no matter where you are in the city.

Once, it was banned to serve cherry pie with ice cream on it, in Kansas.


nabin said...

is it really true????

Unknown said...

Is it really true & Not Fun :) Facts About US Legal System