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America, America Will You Be Heard

Something is definitely going wrong in the World and the America that we once knew and cherished. Our children, and grandchildren and future generations may be growing up in an America, that no one will recognize, all in the name of "political correctness, or for fear of being labeled". Radical Islam and Sharia Law must be stopped from making any further inroads into America. Just look at Dearborn, Pennsylvania for one example.

Enough is enough people, when Jews, Christians, priests, and non believers are being murdered, and churches are being burned to the ground, it's time to stand up, and voice your free speech opinion and be counted folks.

Recently in a Mall in Kenya, anyone that was not of Islam faith were gunned down and murdered. There was some outcry, but certainly not enough. When it happens in a Mall in America, it will be far too late. An American citizen was recently savagely beaten by "Muslim Sharia Law Patrols" in London, while on vacation.

We need our leaders and everyone, to speak out in a uniformed voice and condemn this type of violence everywhere it occurs. We no more can simply hide from this issue in the 21st century, and just expect it to go away. It will only gain in strength and numbers and more violent acts will occur and more innocent people will be murdered as a direct result of this kind of radical violence.

"Political correctness" is causing the spread of Sharia Law in America, where honor killings are far too common and women are treated as sub-human slaves. It is a fact that over 50% of Islam are illiterates and 80% are ignorant of the Qur'an. All over Europe there is no political will to stop their conquests. In fact, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, England and now even Russia are facing serious bankruptcy, due to the massive immigration of Muslims. Most of the immigrants live off public assistance and simply do not want to integrate into society, but rather want to dominate and establish Sharia Law where ever they immigrant to. They want Islam to be the dominant religion in the World and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

I know that there are good Muslims out there that do not follow a strict interpretation of the Qur'an, which when read calls for the killing of all infidels. Many Muslims are silent for fear of their lives; in fact if they leave their religion, they are subject to death.

Prayer and love for sure, are the good things to do for mankind, but much more is needed. I want to give my children and grandchildren and future generations a better America and World that exists today. How about you? When good men and women are silent or do nothing evil will always win, simply don't let that happen, speak out loud and clear every chance you get.

For now I have joined a non violent association across America, called actforamerica, or simply ACT. The goals of the organization are to stop the spread of Sharia Law in America and to help prevent textbooks, in school and universities, from not telling the truth about Islam. It might not be for everyone, but it is spreading across America with over 200+ chapters now.

Simply do a Google search on the Muslim Brotherhood and see for yourself their hidden agenda to destroy America from within.. They have recently went underground and have become a hidden stealth front organization here in America, via over 200 political organizations and are making inroads into every America, town, city, universities and government, mostly at taxpayers' expense.

Recently, they have been successful in re writing many social and history books in all schools, to put Islam in a more favorable light. This should never be allowed to happen, but again, due to political correctness there is no political will to stop them, so they succeed. "Act" has been successful in preventing and stopping textbooks in history from being changed in our schools, but much more is needed.

Would very much like to hear your recommendations as to how to improve America, stop the violence and Sharia Law from being imposed on our judicial system.

Most of American families are simply far too busy, trying to raise a family, and many work two jobs, and quite frankly have no time to get involved or research any of the violence and causes of the violence in America and the World today.

They must rely on the mainstream media, which quite often is bias and under the "political correctness doctrine" can never really tell the "true" news for fear of repercussions. Thus their fear becomes an indirect endorsement of the violence, by way of default.

Whatever happened to our first amendment right of free speech folks? It is long overdue, to stand up for America and be counted in one voice against the spread of radical Islam and Sharia Law in America. Can we count on you?

Thank you, for you, your children, your grandchildren and future generations of America.
Ray Lanfear

Why Obama Is Not A Communist

A continuing lie from the Right is that Obama is a communist or a totalitarian.
I've lived under Communism, and I can tell these people right now that, if he had been any such thing, they would not be here to say what they are saying.

A Communist, or a totalitarian, would have put these people away in labor camps or had them shot. Instead they are free to spread their lies, using the government-built Internet of all places. And that shows just how far from reality the claims of this kind are.

A Communist would have nationalized the banks and the car manufacturing industry. Instead Obama bailed them out. And while that took a lot of outlays up front, the car manufacturing industry is recovering and is now posting strong gains. Obama has saved American capitalism from what would have been a much worse and much greater crisis. And American capitalism owes a lot to this president.

There are in fact totalitarian-minded people in America, and most of them are on the Right. These people claim that they are America and that the rest of America isn't. These people want to force everyone to be the same person and live the same way. These people want to do everything in their power to prevent Obama administration from being successful, then blame whatever problems there are on Obama and then come riding in proclaiming themselves saviors of America. And they think that the American people would be stupid enough to fall for their gag.

The people who howl wolf become not credible when a real wolf appears. And the real wolves are not on the left; they are on the Right. The Tea Party for one is a completely despicable organization. The problems they claim to address, such as the large deficits, started under Bush; but under Bush the Tea Partiers were nowhere to be seen. Obama had an excuse; he had an economy to rescue. Bush however had no such excuses even as he put America, completely unnecessarily, an additional 5 trillion dollars in debt after Clinton had the debt problem solved.

And that makes the Tea Party complete hypocrites.

Why does Obama get labeled with such ugly things by these people? Obviously because he is not one of them; and the thing that the conservative hates the most is to see someone who is not like himself be in a stronger position than is he. Clinton wasn't of them either, and he got maliciously attacked throughout his administration as well, even though by the standards of conservative "money talks BS walks" logic he was the best president that America has had - as by the standard of peace and prosperity. This is not a problem with Obama, and it is not a problem with Clinton. This is a problem with the American Right.

Not enough is being done to confront these people's lies and abuses; and there should be. When unchecked, conmen pull all sorts of tricks on the people. America's primary education system is so weak that many people fall for these conmen.

It's not enough to just reach the educated people. The rest of the population need to hear the truth as well.
Ilya Shambat