Gay Democrat Resigns Over Straight Affair

I wish I could make this stuff up...

According to the February 15 issue of The Advocate, Renee Gilinger has resigned as cochair of the Philadelphia Liberty City Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club. It seems that Ms. Gilinger had been having a relationship with the other club cochair, Michael Marsico. Yes, folks... as the Advocate puts it....they were in "a straight relationship."

But I have to admit that I'm confused. The gay community prides itself and lauds itself on its diversity, no? I mean we are supposed to celebrate every transgendered, bisexual, NAMBLA-luvin, lesbian biker that we see, right?

So is the gay community's "big tent" not big enough for straight people? Or confused bisexuals? Or confused Democrats?

I mean, clearly Ms. Gilinger still understands gay and lesbian issues. I don't think a few times in the sack with Mr. Marsico changed that. And I have absolutely no doubt that she is still a Democrat. So why resign?

Perhaps confused lesbians who want to experiment with men are unwelcome in the Rainbow Room of Gay Acceptance?

Or perhaps the gay community truly is defined (and defines itself) about sex.

UPDATE: I found this item that has some background on the new couple. Apparently, US Congressman Bob Brady broke the news at a Christmas party a few weeks ago.
Liberty City Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club co-chairs Renee Gilinger and Michael Marsico continue to break new barriers for their organization.
Last Saturday night at Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal's Christmas party, U.S. Rep. and Democratic City Chairman Bob Brady remarked that the co-chairs had become a couple. Their relationship evolved over the last few months and Marsico said he expects no adverse reaction from Liberty City.
"Our efforts with the community speak for themselves," said Marsico, who was the lesbian gay bisexual transgender (LGBT) outreach director for the Democratic Party's PA Victory 2004. The couple, who have put the "B" back in LGBT, are off to Venezuela for Christmas.
I guess Marsico was wrong. I could have told him how intolerant the gay community is to those that don't walk the Gay Goosestep.

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