A few good gay movies -- & a few good straight movies with gay characters

In response to my post on "Monogamy and gay movies," a number of readers commented, pointing out a number of movies which showed monogamous gay couples -- and which I neglected to mention in that post. I guess because I have recently seen too many flicks which featured promiscuous gay men, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed other wonderful flicks which included gay characters leading the kind of life I would like to live. And not only gay movies. At least one reader (Caltechgirl) recommending a movie that wasn't per se gay, but where gay relationship was an important part of the story--"FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL."

In the interest of promoting good gay movies, I list some of the other quality gay movies recommended by our readers -- and which I have seen. Carl recommends two: "MAURICE" and "DO√ĎA HERLINDA AND HER SON." While forgetting the name, mrsizer recommended "LATTER DAYS" where the Mormon character (studly Steve Sandross) confronts the promiscuous gay lead (Wes Ramsey):
Look at yourself. You're so pretty and colorful on the outside, but on the inside, you're nothing but fluff. You're like a walking, talking marshmallow peep.
Much as I liked the script of that flick, I just couldn't believe the transformation of Ramsey's Christian. While some might find him pretty to look at, I never believed that Sandross's Aaron could fall for him. It seemed the only thing he loved (besides sex) was Ann-Margret.

MadClark recommends several, including one I should have mentioned in my post, "BIG EDEN." I saw that wonderful flick twice in the theaters and bought it on DVD as soon as it was released in that format. Other flicks he recommends which I have enjoyed include: "THE WEDDING BANQUET," "BEAUTIFUL THING," and "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES," as well as "HAPPY, TEXAS."

Dirty Harry who wrote the post which inspired my post wrote a followup to mine, observing:

Unless it's germaine to the plot, I don't want to be constantly reminded by Sidney Poitier he's black. I want to be indifferent to his race. The same with sexuality. One's sexual preference, be it same sex or midgets on trapezes is not something I want to be reminded of every time a character appears on screen. The goal should be indifference. I'll confess that gay or straight, I cannot accept someone who's entire existence revolves around their sexuality. Be it Madonna or Jack on "Will & Grace." But I can accept someone who happens to be gay or has a closet full of midgets on stand-by; as long as there's more there there.
To that end, I join Caltechgirl in recommending "FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL." In that British comedy, Director Mike Newell presents the relationship between Matthew and Gareth as loving (& intimate) one between two individuals who just happen to be gay.

If we get more people to watch movies like the ones in this post, we could go a long way towards creating a better image of gay people in our culture.

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