Log Cabin Board Report: What Can 90K Buy You?

I'm just amazed at the people who send me information. The following news comes from a well-placed source with ties to the Log Cabin (Republicans) Board of Directors.

Apparently, Log Cabin (R) has hired a very influential lobbying firm, Van Scoyoc Associates, to help repair the self-inflicted damage with Congressional and Administration Republicans. Here's the interesting part... the total budget for the entire year for this lobbying firm will be a mind-boggling $90,000. (crickets chirping)

Now wait just one minute. LC(R) less than one year ago spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on strategically placed television ads to help undermine President Bush's re-election campaign. And they think $90,000 will make everyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue all nice-nice now?

As my source says, for $90,000 at a firm like this, you maybe get the summer intern on your project - but only when they are not too busy.

Oh, but the Board apparently approved a very nice pay raise for Executive Director Patrick Guerriero. You know, I always said the best job to have is a TV weatherman.... you are wrong 90% of the time, but you are paid well and become famous. I guess there are now two jobs where those qualifications are met.

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