Bush Inaugural Spurs Hope In Iranians

Huh. How about this....

Iranians cheer massively Mr. Bush's inaugural speech -- Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (hat tip - Andrew Sullivan)

Now wait just a minute. All the naysayers commenting on this blog, and the talking heads on the Mainstream Media shows have been saying that President Bush's vision of liberty and democracy around the world was naive and unattainable. Too lofty. Too preachy.

Huh. When Ronald Reagan told Gorbachev -- "Tear down this wall" -- many of the same coddlers of communism then, and tyranny today, criticized him in the same terms as they are President Bush. And it was funny how those same people (Subliminal Man says "Ted Kennedy") never celebrated publicly when the Wall fell in 1989. Once a coddler, always a coddler. Just like they are coddling Islamic Fascism today in their vapid desire to bring down President Bush at every turn. (Subliminal Man says "Barbara Boxer")

Huh. I'm wondering which Democrats will issue a positive statement after the elections in IRAQ this weekend? Hold my breath, I shall not.

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