The good feeling most Americans have about W

In a thoughtful column on the president's second inaugural, the Boston Globe's Jeff Jacoby asks:
What accounts for the good feeling most Americans have about Bush as he embarks on his second term? A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that a majority of the public disapproves of Bush's handling of many key issues -- Iraq, Social Security, the economy, the budget, immigration, health care. His overall approval rating is only 52 percent, the lowest of any postwar president except Nixon. And yet six in 10 Americans -- significantly more than the number who voted for him -- say they feel hopeful about the next four years. Why?
Jacoby believes that the "core of the explanation" is "threefold;" (1) Americans trust the president's judgment; (2) we like his "moral bluntness and (3) like the Gipper, our man W is a optimist, exuding "confidence that tomorrow will be better than today."

Read the whole thing and come to your own conclusions.

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