Why is Boxer silent on Badger State?

Dirty Harry reports that "five Democrat activists connected to the Kerry campaign were finally charged today in the only voter suppression case I know of that resulted in actual charges being filed." Emphasis added.

Felony charges were filed against five Democrats, including "adult sons of two prominent Milwaukee politicians" for slashing the tires of Republican get-out-the-vote vans in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes that "People came back [to Kerry campaign headquarters] and bragged about what they did." That's right, these Democratic activists bragged about vandalizing cars.

Dirty Harry wonders:
So, some Kerry campaign officials knew about it and said nothing. Isn't that a crime? And what kind of atmosphere pervaded the Kerry headquarters that such a thing could be so easily confessed and bragged about?
Now given Senator Barbara Boxer's commitment to "focus the light of truth on these terrible problems in the electoral system," with tongue firmly planted in cheek, we wonder why Barbara Boxer is so silent on these efforts to suppress the Republican vote in the Badger State.

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