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Monday, January 31, 2005

Raging Cat Fight Hits Gay Conservabloggers

Whoa, nellie. I've missed the flying fur and drawn claws over the past few days between BoiFromTroy, GayOrbit and Andrew Sullivan. I could summarize, but reading the posts themselves are more entertaining...

Salvo One: Gay Orbit Takes on BFT -- Friday, Jan. 28

Salvo Two: BFT Shrugs Off Gay Orbit and Goes for Sullivan's Jugular -- Sunday, Jan. 30

Salvo Three: Sullivan Ignores Any Other Gay Blogger But Himself and Instead Goes After The Straight Guy -- All The Time

Stepping Down from DefCon Five: GayOrbit Issues Apology to BFT - Monday, Jan. 31

The moral of the story? Two of them actually:

* One is -- a gay conservablogger cat fight only ends up in all participants receiving more traffic on their sites than normal. (And how come I wasn't invited to bitchslap someone?????)
* Second -- wield the sarcasm sword carefully. The bloggers out there are on a hair-trigger.

Mental note: Remind me not to tick off BFT!! Of course had 9 people switched and voted for me for Best LGBT Blog of 2004 (my personal Ohio), I guess I would have felt the BFT Wrath a few weeks ago. I would have the pretty "Winners Banner" on my site now instead of his. All I got was this lousy T-shirt.

No sour grapes here, right? Heh.


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