Full Disclosure

Taking the lead from Ken Sain, I also wanted to make a full disclosure statement.

I am an independent blogger with absolutely no affiliations to the Bush Administration or any other government or political entity. That includes, but is not exclusive to, Log Cabin Republicans (though I was a former chapter board member and donor), the Republican National Committee (to whom I have given money), the Bush White House (to whom I have given two votes in the past five years), and the Human Rights Campaign(for whom I wouldn't sneeze on their behalf even if they gave me a million dollars).

Also, neither the Advocate, Washington Blade, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Andrew Sullivan or the beloved HRC tell me how to think and how to be a "real gay American." I can figure that out on my own.

Finally, Michael Rogers doesn't pay me to make him look vicious and silly or to call him Gollum. He earns those distinctions on his own.

All of the things you read here come from my own mind, and all of the advertisements you see on other blogs come out of my own pocketbook. Unless you wish to donate!

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