Tony Blair vs. Howard Dean

The contrast between the visionary statesman and the angry power seeker couldn't be more striking. One is on the side of freedom and liberty, the other is on the wrong side of history.

Here was Tony Blair last week at the World Economic Forum discussing President Bush's Inaugural Speech (hat tip: AmericanFuture):

President Bush’s inauguration speech last week, marks a consistent evolution of US policy. He spoke of America’s mission to bring freedom in place of tyranny to the world. Leave aside for a moment the odd insistence by some commentators that such a plea is evidence of the “neo-conservative” grip on Washington – I thought progressives were all in favour of freedom rather than tyranny.

The underlying features of the speech seem to me to be these. America accepts that terrorism cannot be defeated by military might alone. The more people live under democracy, with human liberty intact, the less inclined they or their states will be to indulge terrorism or to engage in it. This may be open to debate – though personally I agree with it – but it emphatically puts defeating the causes of terrorism alongside defeating the terrorists.

And then there are the following comments made this weekend by Democratic National Committee Chairman-to-be Howard Dean. (hat tip: Rush Limbaugh, NewsMax):
"I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for," former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean told Democrats gathered at a Manhattan hotel, in quotes picked up by the New York Daily News. "We can talk about our faith, but we cannot change our faith," he said. "We need to be people of conviction."

What exactly do you hate, Chairman Dean? That the Republicans stand for lower taxes, strong offense on terrorism, and spreading freedom and democracy around the world -- to places you deem not worthy or not ready?

And note that he says they "need" to be people of conviction. Here's a newsflash for you Howard, you can't go to Macy's and buy conviction. You have to HAVE it. Just more proof this gang running the Democrat Party only wants power for power's sake.

They had 8 years to do something with the power bestowed on them by the American people. What they gave us was a phony economy which resulted in the internet bubble bursting, scandal in the White House and many of Clinton's appointees, and a blind eye to the growing threat from al-Qaeda. What they gave us was 3,000 dead Americans.

Blair is right. The best way to stop terrorism in the long run, is to remove the seeds of terror that now infest the Arab world. Freedom and democracy are the key to bringing down Islamism just as they were to bring down Communism.

Ah, but Democrats were on the wrong side of history then, too. The early coddlers of Communism in the Democrat Party ignored the seeping spies within our own government; just as Boxer, Kerry, Kennedy and Dean don't want to face the facts that we are at war now with a global fascist movement.

Again, I ask... why is it that a successful election in Iraq made so many on the Left and in the Democratic establishment unhappy yesterday? (hat tip: DirtyHarry). Their own words and actions speaks volumes about where they stand on spreading democracy.

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