The Proposed Gay Ghetto in Spokane

A number of you have asked me about my thoughts on a news item that popped up over the weekend. My apologies for the delay. Busy week for me.

Here's what I don't get. We say want to be assimilated into society at large (through gay marriage), but we apparently just can't stand to be around straight people, so we have to segregate ourselves into "gay ghettos." Case in point -- Spokane, Washington. (hat tip: Kevin, a GP reader)

The B-Log, who appears to be straight from the sound of his post, has this take on it.

So what message are we sending to America? We want to be a part of you? Or we want to be alone and away from you nasty bigoted straight people with all your Red State cooties?

And wait just a minute....I thought it was the Republicans who wanted to put all the gays in concentration camps. (And here you all thought I was kidding when I said the liberals have been alleging this.....)

Someone help me... I'm all confused about this crazy world I live in. I can't think for myself and I need my beloved gay activists want me to do!!!! Whoa is me.