Canadian Parliament To Vote On Gay Marriage Today

Canadian Gay Marriage Bill Goes To Parliament Today -

And it is expected to pass. Good for them. Maybe Canadians are ready for gay marriage. Americans don't seem to be, or are offended and outraged that the court system was used to circumvent the legislative process in this country.

Now if gay marriage somehow becomes legal in any U.S. state (despite the long odds due to the advance of the Kerry Gay Rights Doctrine), perhaps James Dobson will blame it on South Park instead of SpongeBob.

Sheila: Time's have changed
Our kids are kids are getting worse
They wont obey their parents
They just want to fart and curse!
Sharon: Should we blame the government?
Liane: Or blame society?
Dads: Or should we blame the images on TV?
Sheila: No, blame Canada
Everyone: Blame Canada
Sheila: With all their beady little eyes
And flappin heads so full of lies
Everyone: Blame Canada Blame Canada
Sheila: We need to form a full assault
Everyone: It's Canada's fault!

They're not even a real country aaaaaanywayyyyyy........

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