Another Gay Elitist on the Wrong Side of History

I wasn't sure whether to laugh hysterically, shake my head in disbelief, or get red-faced angry when I read "Will Bush Bomb Iran Next?" by Jack Nichols. You will really steam when you read the closing paragraph -- full of hateful stereotypes about President Bush and the 62 million who supported him.
Therefore, in spite of the fact that America’s treasury is suffering a stultifying deficit (Clinton had left Bush with a surplus); that the U.S. owes $600 billion to other lands; that Bush is still pushing for permanent tax cuts for his rich buddies and is now demanding that America’s bare treasury drop $80 billion more into debt to keep his mismanaged war in Iraq limping along, he and his cult of cronies are now contemplating bombing Iran? Gimmie a break.

No, give us all a break, Mr. Self Righteous. You are on the wrong side of history. The days of allowing terror to flourish in the vacuum of Democracy are over, buddy boy.

The vile, disdain and contempt toward the United States (not just President Bush) is quite evident in Mr. Nichols' piece as well. This is just another tired example of an angry gay man who thinks capitalism is evil, America is unjust, and every other place on the earth are inhabited with selfless nyphms playing flutes and laying in flower beds. My God, am I glad I didn't grow up as a '60s flower child product. UGH!

You know what, 90% of us weren't as fortunate to travel to Iran (or our equivalent) when we were in our teens. I think Mr. Nichols is the 1960s equivalent of our anti-war "trustifarians" today. You know, the ones with all the family wealth but who feel the need to look down upon us common serfs and dictate their beliefs and views of right and wrong. Also known as "limosine liberals."

So let's have some fun today.... email Mr. Nichols and tell him if he doesn't like the United States (he lays out a long history of his anger toward his country) then perhaps he can move to Tehran today and be a human shield tomorrow. We'd all be better off.

And for the record, I'm not in favor of "bombing Iran." I am in favor of promoting Democracy and the growing democratic revolution within Iran. Mr. Nichols probably prefers the Mullahs since they have all the wealth and power. Just a guess.

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