Rising GOP Star Bobby Jindal Leads Purple Fingered Support

Hat tip to Polipundit.

In a former life, I had the great pleasure to meet with Bobby Jindal on two occasions. Both times he showed himself to be a savvy, intelligent, caring and hardworking public servant.

I'm pleased to see he is not only a rising star with the House Republican caucus, but also was instrumental in spearheading the strong visual statement made by most Members of Congress during the State of the Union. The Purple Finger -- linking Americans to Iraqis. Jindal is going to be yet another way the Republican Party grows its majority foothold during this generation. Mark my words.

But now to the most telling part of the Purple Finger show of solidarity. To those anti-war and liberals who claim they "support the troops, but oppose the war/occupation", I say you are lying. And here is further proof from the Cox News Service report...

Supporters stuck their [purple] forefingers in the air — not unlike college football fans declaring "We're number one" — as the president spoke.

But most Democrats did not dip into the inkwell.

So what does that mean now.... that Democrats in Congress support the troops (before they vote against them), but not the freedom, liberty and democracy those troops brought to Iraq?

I think we all know the answer.

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