Circular File With "Equal Sign"

Patriot is indisposed today... so he asked me to do a posting on the ridiculous press release that the Human Rights Campaign put out yesterday.

GPW says "If you put your hearts and souls into defeating the president, his staff will certainly put this letter in the circular file." And millions of dollars, I might add (including LCR's ad money and George Soros money that went to HRC.)

And another thing... they attribute the following quotes to President Bush and put them in context with his "suggested" SOTU address:
Indeed, families headed by same-sex couples are as much as a family as Laura and I are (People Magazine, Dec. 27, 2004) and I think gay Americans ought to have the same rights as all other Americans (Presidential Debate, October 2000). And I reject partisan pronouncements, including those from my own party, which would seek to deny the rights of states to pass laws that provide fair treatment to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families (ABC News Good Morning America, Oct. 26, 2004).

I admire and am a strong supporter of W. to the ends of the earth.... but did he say anything close to these statements that HRC claims he did? I think they took broad creative license when doing this -- so I'll give them that. But that last sentence sounds more like a bad Dana Carvey impression of President Bush 41, doesn't it?

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