GP Mailbag: Morning After SOTU Thoughts

A loyal reader from the great state of Texas sent me this awesome email this morning.... it was a "must post."

So last night, I’m watching [the State of the Union] with some friends and, of course, Janet Norwood [mom of fallen Marine Byron Norwood] made me cry. Mostly because I work with her other son, Grant -- Byron’s brother. We work together on the same team and he sits one aisle over. He’s not in yet this morning but he never mentioned that his mom and dad were going to be on the SOTU last night.

So to give you perspective, this is what it’s like to live in fly-over country: My mom and dad are going to be on TV tonight as special guests of President Bush sitting in the gallery of his State of the Union speech right behind Laura while he pays tribute to my fallen brother, a Marine who proudly gave his life in the name of liberty and freedom. Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that.

This, on the other hand, is what it’s like to be a far-left Democrat: Showing solidarity with those who risked their lives to vote in the face of terrorism and car bombs likens you to Nazis.

The fact that Byron's brother didn't mention his parent's role in the SOTU isn't surprising to me. Real heroes do not tell people they are heroes -- they just go about doing their business. John Kerry incessantly told us he was a hero, and paid other people to tell us he was a hero. Fake, phony, disgusting.

I raise my glass today to the Norwood family. Thank you for your sacrifice and your love of our nation.

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