Who Is HRC Helping?

I'm starting to wonder if the Human Rights Campaign does not have the best interests of gay and lesbian Americans at heart. Instead, I think they have become a mirror of the Far Right -- now using a platform of "anti" and "evil" against the other side in order to raise money.

Rich Tafel has a post on this very issue today.
So here's the paradox for gay organizations. Though cooperation should be the goal, their funding depends on attacking Republicans. The gay political groups will not make progress nor seek opportunities for finding common ground, and they will be wealthier for it.

If HRC wants to keep up their expensive lifestyle as a liberal mouthpiece in Washington, it is actually in their best interest to trash President Bush and the Congressional Republicans in order to continue to fund their ravenous appetite for gay cash.

If they REALLY wanted to help gays and lesbians across America, they would suck it up, realize that the Republicans will control Congress for the remainder of this decade (if not beyond) and start a dialogue. But, it is far too easy to stay on the current course of raising tons of money by making your base more angry, more livid and more intolerant.

Just ask the Religious Right.

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