New York.... the New Massachusetts?

Hat tip to GP Reader Noah (for the article and the headline!)

Judge strikes down New York's ban on gay marriage -- via

Once again, I fear a short-term victory.... a long-term setback. Even in Massachusetts this week there were stories that pro-gay marriage legislators are now backing away from their support.

My prediction: A New York statewide voter referendum in 2005. Which will defeat gay marriage.

The way to progress on this is not by sidestepping the people (legislative process) and running into the court system. Even Blue State America is just not ready for court-ordered gay marriage.

The problem is because the gay activists are trying this courtroom short cut, we are stuck with the implementation of the Kerry Gay Rights Doctrine.... a domino effect of statewide voter referendums making gay marriage unconstitutional. State-by-state-by-state. These knee-jerk voter referendums are a direct result of the court-ordered strategy taken by the gay activists and the supportive Mayors. It just ain't cutting it.

What is needed is tedious, deliberate, grassroots efforts to educate Reds and Blues and then to work through the legislative (not courts, not voter referendum) process for equality.

Our gay rights activists are helping to move the clock backwards by this short-sighted "We Want It Now" courtroom strategy.

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