Iranian 'Insurgents' Plan Snub To Mullahs On Islamic Revolution Anniversary

Here's some more encouraging news from the brewing unrest in Iran.

Let's transform the 26th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution into a show of its rejection -- Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran (SMCCDI). The SMCCDI is encouraging all Iranians to take the following actions this week:

At 9:00pm (Iran's local time) on Wednesday February 9, 2005, to massively gather in all Iranian cities main sidewalks and squares (such as Vali E Asr in Teheran, and Tchar-Bagh in Esfahan), on foot or by bringing cars in order to jam them in such a way as to disrupt law enforcement deployment and function.

From early morning till 9:00pm, on Thursday February10, 2005, that Iranian cities should become empty "dead cities". Compatriots should avoid strictly any presence in main squares and streets in order to cut off the claws of the regime from any use of propaganda.

Again on Feb.10, 2005, from 9:00pm on, Iranians should jam the sidewalks and squares as the night previously, and all lights shut off in homes and businesses as before, and the darkness should be used to protest in any way possible.

In addition, the SMCCDI notes "Compatriots may dye their right index finger with blue ink in the now well-known sign of "Right of self-determination."

Well-known sign, huh? I wonder why Democrats didn't feel the need to show the same solidarity last week during the State of the Union.

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