If It Is Good Enough For Iraq...

One of my personal pet peeves following the November 2004 election is the rampant voter fraud that took place in Wisconsin, St. Louis (again), and Washington State. And I'm sure many other places.

All across Iraq we saw a simple way to prevent voter fraud -- putting your finger on an inkpad and guaranteeing you say who you are with your fingerprint. Well if it is good enough for Baghdad and Basra, surely it is good enough for Boston and Butte!

And as I've said this before... if we need a photo ID to buy beer and cigarettes and to board a plane, it is absolutely imperative that we start using a photo ID to allow people to vote. Enough of these massive influx of felons and drunken homeless people. Let's bring some confidence back to our electoral system. I want to ensure that my vote is worth something and not being illegally diluted by the efforts of groups like MoveOn.org or the Democratic National Committee.

RedState.org reported last week that the State of Georgia is making progress, but this needs to be a Federal law at least for Federal elections.

Hopefully someone in Washington, DC will get serious about this crucial reform of our election process.

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