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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another LCR Board Update

Wow, you post one item of interest about last week's Log Cabin (Republicans) board meeting, and the tips come streaming out of the woodwork. Here's a hysterical gem from another source who is in the know about the LC(R) board:

You should know that Chairman Bill "Stalin had a point" Brownson admonished the board for reading blogs in general and yours in particular. (GP note: *guffaw*)

He even remarked that he did not want bloggers to know they [LCR] were tracking what was being posted. He doesn't care for you one bit by the way - all the more reason I am thinking of that campaign to write your name in on the board ballot.

Brownson is obsessed with security issues.

While I'm humbled by the attention, I would really hope that Chairman Brownson has more to worry his little head about that this silly ol' blog. Perhaps he needs something to occupy his free time? May I suggest this light reading.... especially bullet point Number One.


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