Another LCR Board Update

Wow, you post one item of interest about last week's Log Cabin (Republicans) board meeting, and the tips come streaming out of the woodwork. Here's a hysterical gem from another source who is in the know about the LC(R) board:

You should know that Chairman Bill "Stalin had a point" Brownson admonished the board for reading blogs in general and yours in particular. (GP note: *guffaw*)

He even remarked that he did not want bloggers to know they [LCR] were tracking what was being posted. He doesn't care for you one bit by the way - all the more reason I am thinking of that campaign to write your name in on the board ballot.

Brownson is obsessed with security issues.

While I'm humbled by the attention, I would really hope that Chairman Brownson has more to worry his little head about that this silly ol' blog. Perhaps he needs something to occupy his free time? May I suggest this light reading.... especially bullet point Number One.

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