But What If, Just Maybe, War IS the A.N.S.W.E.R.?

Josh commented on another posting..... do the ends justify the means? Did Sherman burning Atlanta justify the saving of the Union? Did 1,400 US Servicemen dying justify a free Iraqi election?

My answer is an unqualified: YES.

Since the anti-war leftists and communists (yes folks, the big, loud anti-war group A.N.S.W.E.R. is funded by communists!) began protesting the war their mantras have repeatedly changed. First it was No Blood for Oil, then it was Halliburton, then it was Revenge for Daddy, then it was "We Oppose the War but Support the Troops." Yeh, right. When was the last time you think they said "thank you" to a Marine they saw in an airport?

Anyway, my response back to those who oppose war at any cost is this: There is NO Peace without Freedom.

Therefore, one cannot have, nor stand for, a tranquil dictator or tranquil repression. One must fight for freedom and that, at times, requires going to war -- especially in our post-9/11 world. Yes, innocents will die. But innocents always die to advance freedom. It isn't brain surgery; it is reality. I so wish I lived in the utopian world that the anti-war crowd thinks exists. It must be easier there.....

But now, having seen that we were in fact liberators, the anti-war crowd must have knots in their stomach. Even a liberal columnist in Chicago now asks "What if Bush has been right about Iraq all along?" (Hat tip: Instapundit)

The day I saw two jetliners fly into the World Trade Center, *I knew* we were in a global war on terror that would take American strength and perserverance to defeat. It is funny that even after the death of 3,000 Americans, it still seemed to take the events of this past Sunday to have some lightbulbs go on in people's heads. Trust me, though... there isn't much electricity flowing in the entire Democratic caucus of the US House and Senate yet.

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